Landing Page Lesson No. 1
You Won't Catch Anything With This

"Your net is full of holes. Poor landing pages get no leads. Ever."

Lesson No. 2
Never forget Lesson No. 1 - Ever.

A Net With No Holes
The fishes get caught, no escape - ever

Landing Pages Promoting Affiliate Products
I started on affiliate marketing in 2007, but was never successful. I kept building sites that promoted merchant products but the conversion rates were always extremely low. In my mind back then, I needed more traffic. Traffic never seemed to be enough and I always gave myself the excuse that I needed tens of thousands of visitors each day. How wrong I was.

October 16 2013, Wednesday Night, 8.15pm.

I checked my Amazon sales commissions reports. 18 orders. Surprised. Shocked. Must be a mistake.

October 17 2013

12 orders. Surprised. Excited. Something must be working.

October 18 2013

22 orders. Surprised. Excited. No longer shocked. Why ?

Fast Forward: October 18 2014

102 orders. Normal. What a strong net. Many fish every day now.

Fast Forward: January 10th 2018

Daily sales via Amazon, Leadpages, Getresponse, LinkShare, ExpressVPN, GhostVPN, SaferVPN.
Now, how did I amass this, by not paying a single cent for traffic ? I share it here, but read on first.

Commissions screenshots, not so important, can view later

500 fishes swim in your net each day, but only 2 get caught.
30 fishes swim into your net each day, and 10 get caught ?
Net with no holes = 83 times easier (0.4% conversion rate vs 33%)

As soon as I understood this concept, I started patching up every single hole in my landing pages.
If you do just this one thing right (which I will show you below), it will flip every single failure that you have ever experienced with online business to success. Nothing else matters. Ever.

So, How To Fix Leaky Landing Pages ?
Especially when you don't know even what's wrong ?

Answer: Why - with user behavior trackers, of course!
You need to observe very carefully how the users behave on your website


Did User Clicked on "Read More"
Did User Clicked on "How To" page
Did User View Shipping Page
Did User Browse Gallery
Did User View Pricing Page
Did User Read 'FAQ' page
Move Mouse over 'Buy Now' Button
Did user click on 'Buy Now' page
Did user view package deals ?
Total User Score

By identifying individual user actions on a page, we can improve element by element, paragraph by paragraph until your landing page is fully optimized! For example, if you noticed that visitors are clicking on your services page but nobody is contacting you, this may be that you're not offering them what they want. By breaking your services section into sub-pages or sub-section which is hidden until it's header is clicked on, you get to track your visitor's behavior and gradually narrow down on what you're missing out on.

Another technique you could implement is to prod your visitors to provide feedback, an example: After a certain time has passed, a section below your services page reveals itself, asking - "Did you find what you were looking for ? Please let us know and we may be able to help". By monitoring your visitor's behavior and constantly making adjustments, you'll eventually have a highly optimized website that gets the most out of every site visitor.

It's not about getting 2 leads out of 500 visitors, but getting 10 out of every 30! This is the mistake that most people make. Too quickly it is concluded that there's not much that can be done for visitors who aren't interested.

Where was I Getting the Traffic From ?
I have discovered an effective way of getting lots of high quality organic traffic without paying for it.
This involves generating lots of machine generated content and bouncing them off to your landing page. This involves just Wordpress and a custom written script installed into Wordpress. By this strategy alone, I have managed to get more than 6,000 unique visitors a day, single handedly, from purely organic source alone.
Contact me to learn more on this.

Contact Me (Absolutely Free Professional Consultation)
If you're interested to know more, need help to implement the trackers, review your landing pages or ask any questions, just reach out to me. I will try to get back to you within 2 week due to the high number of emails I receive. If you're dead serious about the things I've mentioned, I do provide immediate whatsapp/skype consultation, explaining in details the tools I use.

Remember: A Good Landing Page is Not Good Just Because You Think It Is. It is Good Only After Being Iteratively Improved.

It is by no accident that this simple website gets over 4,000 unique visitors daily on average and I get at least 20-30 emails daily.

Please allow me some time to get back to those who have contacted me.

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